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The School of Electronic and Information Engineering

The Electronic and Information Engineering School of Xi’an Jiao Tong University has its precedence as a department offering junior college degrees, which was established in 1908 by the university. In 1957, after Jiao Tong University’s westward relocation, the Department of Radio Engineering was reestablished. From 1970s onwards, along with further development of academic disciplines, the Department of Radio Engineering was gradually subdivided into several departments, including the Department of Electronic Engineering, the Department of Information Engineering and Control, and the Department of Computer Science and Technology. In 1994, the three departments were formally remerged to be the School of Electronic and Information Engineering of Xi’an Jiao Tong University.

After almost a hundred years of development, the School of Electronic and Information Engineering has had great disciplinary development, the present disciplines cover almost all the emerging disciplines in the field of Electronic and Information Engineering, which bears the responsibility of cultivating pioneering talents and conducting scientific research for the country.

The school now consists of five departments, including the Department of Electronic Science and Technology, the Department of Microelectronics, the Department of Information and Telecommunication Engineering, the Department of Automation Science and Technology, and the Department of Computer Science and Technology, with four first-category disciplines and a campus-level computer center for teaching and experiment. The school is also composed of more than 20 attached research institutes and research centers. All four first-category disciplines are capable of granting doctor’s degrees, and with post-doctoral work stations. Presently, there are more than 340 teaching faculties, including two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 60 professors, 74 associate professors, and 30 research fellows and senior engineers. In addition, one professor has been officially granted the honor to be a foreign academician of the US National Academy of Engineering, two professors have been chosen to be IEEE fellows, there are also one state-level excellent teacher, three Changjiang scholar professors on special tenure, and a number of other cross-century or new-century excellent talents. In research and teaching facilities, the school is equipped with a state-level key lab, a state-level engineering research center, two national specialized labs, three key labs attached to the Ministry of Education, four key labs on the provincial level, and an education base for cultivating talents of integrated circuits. Teaching, research conditions such as equipments, academic materials and networks have all reached the state first-class level.

Currently, the school has more than 5500 students, including 590 doctor students, 1500 master students and 3500 undergraduate students. The School also enrolls on-job social workers with undergraduate degrees to pursue master’s degree in engineering. At the same time, special attention has been attached to the learning of rudimentary knowledge, the training of basic skills and the cultivation of innovation competence for students. Our goal is to cultivate a large pool of all-round talents with innovation competence and technical expertise, and comprehensive talents with the competence of research, organization and management, all these paves the way for realizing the final objective of establishing our university into a world renowned university.

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