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The Department of Computer Science and Technology


The Department of Computer Science and Technology is young in Xian Jiaotong University, which has a long history over 120 years and a high reputation in China, and a good reputation even globally. It was founded in 1958 (as computer specialty), and was one of the first founded Computer departments in China. The department offers the degrees Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. With an aim to cultivate innovative talents with international vision and competitiveness who are geared to the needs of national modernization, it has cultivated many excellent scientists and technicians in computer field of China, including outstanding scientists as Academician Chen Guoliang and Academician Chen Guilin, as well as a number of outstanding entrepreneurs such as Zhou Hongyi, Zhang Xin, and Ronghai.

The Department currently has 61 teachers, including 16 professors, 1 Research Fellow, 17 associate professors, 4 Senior Engineers, 14 lecturers, 8 engineers, and 40 doctoral teachers. Among the teachers, there are 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (part-time), 1 National Teaching Masters, 3 Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars, 2 winners of National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, 1 Young and middle-aged leading scientists, engineers and innovators, 1 candidate of the National Baiqianwan (Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand) Talent Project for the New Century, and 7 outstanding talents of the Ministry of Education in the new century. The Computer Department recruits over 140 undergraduates, 120 graduate students and 30 doctoral students each year. The department consists of four research institutes and an undergraduate teaching experimental center, which are the Computer System Structure and Network Institute, the Computer Software and Theoretical Research Institute, the New Computer Institute, the Computer Network Technology and Engineering Institute and the Computer Department Experimental Center. The department has built key scientific research bases as the Ministry of Education Key Lab for Intelligent Networks and Network Security, Shaanxi Key Lab of Computer Networks, Shaanxi Key Lab of Satellite and terrestrial networks Technology, and National High Performance Computing Center (Xi'an).

In recent years, the department has carried out intensive research in the areas of high performance computing, network multimedia, knowledge acquisition and service, distributed systems, computer networks and security. It has gained wide national research fund supports from 973 fund, 863 fund, NSFC fund, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, Shaanxi Province, Xi'an City and so on. With over 224 Official research projects, 16 international cooperation projects and with total amount of 188.13 million Yuan. The research obtained 6 national science and technology awards, 13 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards, 166 national invention patents, of which 113 were authorized, over 700 academic papers were published, 210 were searched by SCI, and 570 were searched by EI.

The department focuses on education and teaching, and it undertakes 11 national teaching reform research projects, 28 provincial and ministerial teaching reform projects, and compiles 55 textbooks, including 16 national "tenth five-year" and "eleventh five-year" planning textbooks and 2 national excellent textbooks. Professor Feng Boqin was awarded the National Teaching Masters. It has two national awarded innovation teaching teams, i.e. the Computer Base Teaching and The Computer Networks and System Structure, and its computer teaching experiment center was awarded the national computer experimental teaching demonstration center. It has won 4 first-class awards, 4 second-class awards, 3 provincial-level special awards, 5 first-class awards and 4 national excellent courses.

The department is continuing seeking wide and far international cooperation, It has set up joint laboratories with industries, as IBM, Microsoft and Intel, and established cooperative relations with Harvard University, MIT, TAMU, Arizona, McGill University of Canada, Keio University of Japan, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Singapore University of Technology, etc. to conduct joint research and personnel exchange and training cooperation.


Institute of Computer System Architecture and Networks

Institute of Computer Software and Theory

Institute of Innovative Computers

Institute of Computer Networks Technology and Engineering


Shaanxi Key Laboratary of Satellite and terrestrial networks Technology

Shaanxi Key Laboratary of Computer Networks

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