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The Department of Information and Communications Engineering

The Department of Information and Communications Engineering (DICE) of Xi’an Jiaotong University can be tracked back to the Major of Radio Technology, which was established at 1958.

Through over sixty years of unremitting efforts, it has been developed into a Communication Engineering department with strong scientific research and teaching accomplishments. The Information and Communications Engineering was a key discipline for the construction of "project 211" and "project 985" during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period. The national key (cultivation) discipline was awarded in 2007, and "Double First Rate" construction discipline was awarded in 2017.

Currently, DICE is composed of seven research institutes and one experiment teaching center, namely, the Institute of Wireless Communications, the Institute of Information Engineering, the Institute of Information and Communication Technology, the Institute of Multimedia Processing and Communications, the Institute of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, the Institute of Volatility and Information, the institute of Microwave Engineering and Optical Communications, and the Experiment Teaching Center. Besides, DICE has already owned three national-level research and teaching platforms: the National Data Broadcasting Engineering and Technology Research Center, the National Engineering Laboratory for Offshore Oil Exploration-Specialized for Wave Signal Characteristic Analysis, and the National Simulation Education Center for Communications and Information Systems.

DICE has an academic team with reasonable personnel structure and enormous international influence, in which professors are the backbone and most members are young or middle-aged. 66 teachers is now working in DICE, including 24 full professors, 19 associate professors, 1 Professor Status high level engineer, 3 high level engineers.

In the past five years, DICE has undertaken or participated in more than 80 national-level projects such as the National Major Special Projects, the National “973” Plan, the National “863” Plan, the National Natural Science Foundation project. A series of achievements have been made through these scientific research projects, for example, more than 60 million research budget were received, and more than 700 academic papers were published, in which about 600 articles were indexed by SCI/EI.

The information technology is rapid renovating and now it is characterized by digitalization, networking and intelligence. DICE will focus on exploring new technologies, conducting basic research and accelerating the progress in the discipline of communications engineering. We will also inspire and motivate students to contribute to the field of communication, with the goal of educating technical talents who will meet the social demands and promote the development of communications.

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