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   美国KLA-Tencor Corporation1976年成立于美国加州硅谷, 是全球领先的半导体检测设备供应商,公司为半导体制造及相关行业提供产能管理和制程控制解决方案,协助半导体(芯片)厂商创造高品质、高效率的产质,是半导体业内领先的设备检测及良率解决方案供应商,公司主要客户包括:Intel, TSMC, SMIC ,销售及服务网络遍及美洲、欧洲及亚洲。公司总部在美国加州硅谷,被评为硅谷最佳雇主第六名。公司2016年营业额达到 $3.0Billion, 全球雇员近六千人。


科磊半导体设备技术(上海)有限公司KLA-Tencor Corporation设立在中国上海的全资研发中心,2004年成立于张江高科技园区, 主要从事半导体检测设备的研发、测试及应用。自成立以来,公司秉承总公司价值理念,注重人才培养与技术研发,取得了突出成就。公司研发力量涵盖软件设计、硬件构建以及应用功能的开发, 为中国及全球的新产品提供技术支持。


公司网址:  www.kla-tencor.com








1)        在线提交:登陆51job,搜索“KLA-Tencor”,点击[KLA-Tencor校园招聘]并提交您的简历  http://jobs.51job.com/shanghai-pdxq/86156193.html?s=01&t=0


3)邮件提交:请将个人简历发送到 Diana.ding@kla-tencor.comVivien.peng@kla-tencor.com,并注明求职意向


Job title:  Electrical Engineer


Job description:

1.      Electronics system design, electrical system design and motion control system integration for KT product;

2.      Work with system/mechanical/software engineer to define and develop electronics subsystem; participate electronics subsystem integration and test in system-level;

3.      Maintain legacy product including obsolescence parts replacement, develop new feature to improve existing products continuously;

4.      Interact with manufacturing, service teams to support a smooth product transition into manufacturing and the field;

5.      Write technical documentation that meets the defined quality standards for manufacturing, service as required; manage document release process;

Preferred qualifications:

1.      MSEE or above;

2.      Knowledge and experience of electronics design, FPGA/CPLD development, electrical design, motion control system integration;

3.      Team player in international working environment;

4.      Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

5.      Active and highly motivated; strong learning ability; strong interest in engineering development;

6.    System level knowledge and experience in semiconductor industry are plus;


Job title:  Software Engineer (Windows & Linux platform)


Job description:

1.       Software development, including design, implementation and unit testing in collaborative team environment using Microsoft VS C#/C++ or Linux C++

2.       GUI design and algorithm implementation using .Net WinForms and WPF

3.       Machine control, equipment driver development following system requirements

4.       Following KLA-Tencor software development process, and write design and development documents in English

5.       International travel for customer support

Preferred Qualifications

1.       MS or PHD in Computer Science and related technical field, new college graduates are welcomed

2.       Experience with C++, C#, Matlab, XML, .Net WinForms, WPF, multithread programming under Windows, or C++ programming under Linux platform

3.       Skilled in modern development practices, including object oriented design, design patterns, and automated unit testing

4.       Experience of MongoDB or SQL server and database management is preferred

5.       Experience in image processing is preferred

6.       Knowledge of software architecture fundamentals and software development process is preferred

7.       Fluent English and excellent communication skills

8.       Ability to travel internationally for customer support


Job title:  System Engineer

Job description:

1.      The candidate will have a high level of ownership during the development of critical subsystems, from the concept design phase through product design, release and sustaining. The candidate will be expected to champion his/her technical solutions. This includes the potential of creating ECO and documentation as needed.

2.      Take lead role on many projects to define, scope, and provide input that results in rapid project completion or problem solution. Develop product specifications using the appropriate statistical methods and modeling.

3.      Provide feedback on design changes by working closely with development engineering teams (M.E., E.E., and S/W Eng.) to influence design concepts/changes for improvements to existing or new products. 

4.      Solve complex system interaction issues (e.g., optical and mechanical interactions on tool performance) with little or no guidance.

5.      Provide fly and fix support on field escalations for analysis/resolution on any issue requiring in-depth design know-how on the product.  Travel time is expected to be up to 25%, both domestically and internationally.

6.      Support beta testing at customer sites.

7.    Support product manufacture, such as assembling, installation, final test, shipment.

Preferred qualification:

1.      MS or PhD in optical, physics, electrical engineering, applied physics

2.      Deep knowledge of semiconductor device, physics and optics; strong technical skills to design prototype system/subsystem from theoretical modeling independently.

3.      Industry experience in R&D project management and team work skills

4.      Well experienced programming skills (C-programming, labview, matlab, FEA tools etc.) to do simulating, modeling and testing  for system development

5.      Very strong English written and verbal communications skills.

6.      Self-motivated, self-directed and well time controlled.



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